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01|2022 Great Taiwan Arts Co., Ltd & a Productivity Analysis of Cultural Values

TSUI Kuang-Yu

2022 | Data Analysis and Conversion

Cultural sustainability has been a buzz term in the arts and cultural world. If one treats an art institution like a common corporation that conducts financial statement analyses, and evaluates the productivity and ESG1 of the art institution, will the produced numbers convey the same meanings as the universal values outside the art field? What numbers can reflect the social responsibility of an art institution? Moreover, when there are things that the numbers fail to describe or reflect, are they the so-called cultural values? Can these non-evaluable values be re-examined somehow? Since artistic creation is supported by art institutions and taxpayers, is this the absolute guarantee of these values?

This project collaborates with credible financial and accounting professionals, and applies the logic and methods of financial statistics (instead of Social Return on Investment, or SROI) to conduct an analysis of the sustainable values and productivity of art institutions in Taiwan. Providing phasal results of the data analysis, the project explains the potential meanings of the numbers to further unearth and question the connections between social values and cultural practice by looking at the phenomena reflected by the numbers.


[1]  ESG stands for "Environmental", "Social", and "Corporate Governance", which is a new form of data and indicator for corporate assessment.

TSUI Kuang-Yu

Tsui was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1974 and graduated from National Institute of the Arts in 1997. He has exhibited internationally at venues such as Venice Biennale, Liverpool Biennale, Werkleitz Biennial, Reina Sofia Museum, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Contour Biennial, Chelsea Art Museum, Mori Museum, and OK Centrum. Tsui has been trying to respond to the adaptation relationship between humans and society from a biological point of view. He also attempts to redefine or question the matrix of the institution we inhabit through different actions and experiments that challenge the norm. His repetitive body experiments accent the absurdity of the social values and reality that people have grown accustomed to.

6th Annual Visual Arts Award| The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: Invisible City

1st Jury's Special Award| The Shortcut of Systematic Life- Superficial Circumstance

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