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09|“Jusutice Road Requiem” First Movement: At the Foot of Guanyin

PENG Hung-Chih X Gang-a Tsui Theater


​Single-channel video, live performance

The project was inspired by an old house that artist Peng Hung-Chih bought on a slope in Keelung. The previous house owner left behind a portrait of a deceased male, covered with newspaper, revealing only the chin. There was also an old ventilator. To the artist, these objects seem to be setting out the scene for a story, which prompted him to invite Gang-a Tsui Theater to join this interdisciplinary collaboration to seek peace and solace for the deceased, so that they could leave for the other shore.


During the first stage of the filming process, Peng put on a headset with filming and lighting properties, assuming the spiritual perspective of a “heaven’s eye,” while the eerie body gestures seem to be initiating a ritual that allows communication with the spiritual world, guiding audiences into the beautiful movements of Liyuan Opera and the mellowness of Nanguan music, inspiring fantasies about the lives of the dead.


The second stage of the live performance invites audiences to proceed to the old house on the slope in Keelung, where they will be guided by musicians and performers of Gang-a Tsui Theater and embark on an exploration through “Flower Viewing,” followed by “For Fame and Fortune,” which includes political undertones, and “Returning in Spring · Unfilial Grandchild,” which alludes to the parental relationship of the house owner. Finally, the work closes with religious piece “Before the Altar · Entering the Garden and Celebrative Decorations.” The final musical piece of the work is arranged in the main hall of Keelung Jue Xiu Temple, expressing gratitude and solemn celebration for all chances and encounters.

11.19 Sat. 17:30, 20:00 @Zhong Zheng Park (希望之丘), Keelung
To sign up or for more information, please follow the social media of MoNTUE.

Peng Hung-Chih

Peng Hung-Chih was born in Taipei in 1969, and studied painting at the National Normal University, graduating in 1992. He obtained his master degree at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1997: this experience opened his eyes to new developments in contemporary art. His multidisciplinary, socially engaged work explore issues of global conflict, environmental destruction, spirituality, and the politically charged subject of religious extremism. He worked with videos, performances, sculpture and installations, and also continues to paint, a practice he considers akin to Daoist meditation. His work has been shown internationally, in solo and group exhibitions in China, Europe, the United states, Israel and throughout Asia. He currently lives and works in Keelung.

The 5th Taishin Arts Award – Visual Arts Award|Beware of GOD

Gang-a Tsui Theater

Gang-a Tsui Theater was established in 1993. The founding director Chou Yih-Chang devised a training method geared toward the physical build of people from the East, which led Gang-a Tsui Theater to center its training on Nanguan and Liyuan Opera. The troupe’s current director is Wei Mei-Hui, with Chen Chia-Wen as the deputy director, both veteran members of the troupe. Since the re-start of the troupe’s operations, Gang-a Tsui Theater has not only carried on the legacy of the previous director to modernize Nanguan but also strives to promote Nanguan and Liyuan Opera. The troupe experiments with new possibilities to allow the aesthetics of traditional art to be integrated with modern theatre methods without violating its core aesthetic principles and inspiring new ideas for contemporary performances.

The 5th Taishin Arts Award – Performing Arts Award|Zhu Wen Elopes with the Ghost

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