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11|Msgamil & Milimilingan

Pisuy CIYO / UTUX, Pan-Spirit's Men for Music and Dance


Art action, single-channel video installation

20 mins

There are moments when words are powerless. When facing how the expansive cosmos, all its sentient beings, and the vicissitudes, love, and separation in life affect the fragile human bodies and minds, and at the moments of the first and final breath, words are simply powerless.

Msgamil & Milimilingan is an action—a gentle action in which one encounters with the land and the self. Through songs that have been sung for hundreds or thousands of years on this land, and through the laboring body and walking the ancient trails in the mountains in the Shei-Pa

National Park, which are two thousand meters above sea level, the spirit of Mother Nature and our (human) spirits become re-united.

The ancient wisdom and blessings from the gods— the “mystic knowledge” of nature— have never truly disappeared, but forgotten by people. Is it possible to infuse the “mystic” air into contemporary everyday life? Is it possible to respond to memories beyond our way of

thinking with the laboring body and sounds?

11.21 Mon. 17:00 Msgamil & Milimilingan Workshop

Pisuy CIYO / UTUX, Pan-Spirit's Men for Music and Dance

UTUX, Pan-Spirit’s Men for Music and Dance has long devoted its endeavors toward the tribe and nature, gaining inspiration from the land and the ancient oral knowledge and wisdom of indigenous people. By referencing ancient oral cultures and integrating them with modern theatre art and interdisciplinary artworks, the group attempts to give modern recreations and interpretations to indigenous oral culture in response to modern people’s spiritual quest for simplicity and authenticity.

The 11th Taishin Arts Award – Performing Arts Award|Inllungan na Kneril

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