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12|Could you please tell me more about...

Fangas NAYAW & Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe


Two-channel video, live interaction

Scenes from the North and the East are connected through video calls. There may be earthquakes, typhoons, natural or man-caused disasters, and personnel changes during the calls. How much emotion can we process and interpret into verbal descriptions of landscapes that can be conveyed to those afar? We have become each other’s witnesses, wondering if the real situation is as described by others. In the here and now, your presence and her/his presence will become a mutual-complementary intelligence center, sharing emotions of shyness, awkwardness, and estrangement.


Extended waiting has brought forth an experience exchange. Could you please tell me more about... is inspired by a person who has returned to the tribe and is overwhelmed by emotions before embarking on the path to learning traditional culture. The work also responds to the hidden messages about the ways of the world and human relationships in the polyphony ballads of Taitung Malan Amis in the work Mailulay: Traces on the Wall.

Fangas Nayaw (Concept Creator)

Fangas is an artist, director, choreographer, and performer, and Co-Artistic Director of Fist & Cake Production. His versatile practices probe into the dynamics of audience participation and the possibilities of new technology in the performing arts, while constantly reflecting on his indigenous identity and cultural tradition as Amis. He served as the curator of the performance strand of the Nuit Blanche Taipei and Taiwan Cultural Expo. His works have been presented in institutions and exhibitions including Pompidou Centre, Paris, 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, National Theater & Concert Hall, National Taichung Theater, Weiwuying Center for the Arts, and Taipei Art Festival, and Taiwan Biennial.

Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe (Collaborator)

Established in 1997 by Kuo Tzu-Hsiung and Kao Shu-Chuan, Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe integrates different forms of

presentation and performance and is especially known for its focus on the art and culture of the tribe Falangaw. Through lead singing (solo), high-pitched singing (solo), impromptu, and freestyle singing, the Troupe develops polyphony singing with multiple parts, which is not only a form of traditional performing arts but a way of inspiring a sense of togetherness among the tribe and of passing down cultural legacies. Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe was named a preserver of important traditional performing arts by the Ministry of Culture in April 2021.

The 14th Taishin Arts Award - Shortlist Award| Mailulay: Traces on the Wall|Chu-Yin Cultural and Arts Troupe

Desi (Collaborator)

Desi, family name Simui, is a thirty-nine-year-old Indonesian Chinese. She is a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a wife, a ginger lily grower, and a B&B employer.

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