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14|The Seeking Visitor—Chak Gya Chenpo of Completed-in-orgetting Old Lady

TANG Huang-Chen


Live Action

To search and to visit: whereas “to search” implies the absence of knowledge about where one’s going (in French, the verbs are “chercher” and “parcourir”), “to visit” suggests that an appointment is made in advance for one to pay a visit (as in the French verb “visiter”). “Chercher” and “visiter” have long revealed the artist’s view on life and art—her most fundamental questioning: WHY & HOW. If life were a transition from birth to death, if traveling were a transition from departure to arrival, if communication were a transition from conveyance to reception, and if we were born in order to inescapably march towards death, the seeking visitor would surely ask: What inevitable connection with life does the art aim at?

Venturing into the silver years would probably be the ultimate journey for the seeking visitor. Through spiritual refinement, one is able to “wander” and “take delight.” Materials piling up seems to form the inescapable reality. No amount of effort is enough to liberate people from the futile endeavor in stopping the progression of life. The illusion of this world and life, in which everything is shortlived, is not the Chak Gya Chenpo, where the Completedin-Forgetting Old Ladies could find eternal peace. Consequently, the seeking visitor has chosen the simplest, conclusive here and now of a performance potentially lifedevouring to a performance artist, and dive, with all her being, into the daily reading of life about the WHY & HOW.

TANG Huang-Chen

Performance artist. Before she started her bachelor degree in art, she had already been involved in the theater and cinema. After she went to France and attended the Department of Plastic Art, University Paris VIII, she became immerged in the theories and the development of contemporary art, fully immersed herself in the synchronicity and interactive heterogeneity of performance art. From 1991 to 2022, she persisted in presenting new works, and completed over 50 works in the form of “event-based” projects. Her work bridges sociology and linguistics, and combines the interrelated elements of performance art such as action, performance, text and translation. With such long-term, vast and intensive cultivation, Tang is viewed as one of the few artists dedicated to performance art in Taiwan.

The 4th Taishin Arts Award - Visual Arts Award|I Go TravelingV / A Postcard with Scenery

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