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16|No Name, No Land

CHOU Shu-yi╳CHENG Chih-chung ft. Dawang Yingfan HUANG╳WANG Yujun


60 mins | Performance

After the three versions of Break & Break! created from 2014 to 2020, Chou Shu-Yi embarked on the creative journey of The Center from 2020 to 2021. In the latter, his exploration of the body has shifted from the external space to the bodily space of another individual, which

marks another starting point of thinking. In the dance, the duo explores the uselessness and usefulness of space and

body, as well as the relationship between body and time, both negotiating with and supporting one another to find

the expansion of momentum in between moments of power and its absence.

No Name, No Land centers on what has been neglected in life. In their repeated physical practices, Cheng Chih-Chung and Chou discover that inexpressible messages are hidden in the imbalance and balance in-between two bodies. Whenever they revisit the bodiliness in their practices, the new experience somehow overrides the feelings from the previous one, even to the point of touching upon what has long been overlooked. This performance also collaborates with musicians Dawang Yingfan Huang and Wang Yujun to collectively create the body/sound of the future.

11.18 18:00 CHOU Shu-yi╳CHENG Chih-chung ft. Dawang Yingfan HUANG

12.18 18:00 CHOU Shu-yi╳CHENG Chih-chung ft. WANG Yujun

01.14 18:00 CHOU Shu-yi╳CHENG Chih-chung ft. Dawang Yingfan HUANG╳WANG Yujun

CHOU Shu-Yi (Performance & Concept)

Dancer, choreographer, and curator. Chou creates dialogues with the world through his body practices.

The 17th Taishin Arts Award – Performing Arts Award|Break & Break! Dance Video Exhibition | CHOU Shu-Yi

CHENG Chih-Chung (Performance & Concept))

Theater practitioner, former resident playwright and director of Oz Theatre Company, and former performer and administration personnel of Critical Point Theater Phenomenon.

WANG Yujun (Performance & Concept))

With a practice that crosses theater, dance, film, and contemporary art, Wang is one of the few singer-songwriters in Taiwan, who carries poetry and literature into her music.

Dawang Yingfan HUANG (Performance & Concept))

Huang has accumulated a massive number of bedroom recordings since high school. His main creative project is “Black Wolf Nakasi.”

LIANG Chun-Wen (Production Assistance)

A member of the Yuquan Group of Oz Theatre Company, Liang has been accumulating and expanding his dialectic knowledge of the lifeworld in the site of theater.

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