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Century Contemporary Dance Company


10-15 mins | Dance performance

Exit is the sequel to the troupe’s Sortie and explores ways of placing the moving body and experiences during the journey of life. British composer Jeroen Speak was invited to base the work on the Victoria Line of the London Underground. According to statistics from the British Government, the Victoria Line is the subway line with the most immigrants. By integrating the sounds of the piano with announcements on the Tube, Mr. Speak presents the hustle and bustle of the London Underground. The underground is a form of transportation that allows fast commutes in urban settings; it is not only public transport but an underground animal with tangible forms but invisible emotions.

11.15 Tue. 15:00

Century Contemporary Dance Company

CCDC—the Century Contemporary Dance Company was founded in the millennium. Led by Miss Yao Shu-Fen, the company has gone on to perform and present innovative modern dance that integrates the nourishment from theater, visual art, textual narrative space and other realms. The Company carries out Yao’s mission by collaborating with top artists operating in different fields, thus creating performances with contemporary symbolic meanings. CCDC continues searching for new and bold materials in life, incorporating the humanistic characters of Taiwan into the dance works, to transcend the original body language and structural barriers. Starting from the dance practice, the Company transforms theatricality, lives, humanity, and strongly emphasizes the commonality of human’s body, dance and the social. Under the artistic direction of Yao, CCDC’s works feature the most primitive instinct of human beings with compassion.

The 9th Taishin Arts Award - Performing Arts | Igor Stravinsky 《Les Noces/Le Sacre Du Printemps》

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