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19|In case you like Judas

YANG Qi-Yin/Mr. Wing Theatre Company


10 mins | Solo performance

The inspiration of this project is drawn from Dazai Osamu’s Heed My Plea, Chen Ying-Zhen’s novella, Judas Iscariot’s Story, and Lin Xi’s lyrics, “Love Commandments.” The project is expected to be developed into a full solo performance in one to two years.

12.25 Sun. 17:30

Mr. Wing Theatre Company

Mr. Wing Theatre Company was established in 2007 by Li Huan-Hsiung, the current director of the company and a former core team member of Riverbed Theatre and Creative Society. The Company follows the values of Riverbed Theatre, a prominent group in Taiwan’s Little Theatre Movement, as well as its culture, which is renowned for its rich avant-garde and poetic “Theatre of Images.” The Company explores new artistic territories by integrating the practices and spirit of Medium Theatre and repertoire texts developed during its Creative Society period, as well as the more recent experiences in musicals on the illustrator/writer Jimmy, operas, and multimedia interdisciplinary performances. The Company aims to create a new platform that has no limitations in its scale and is known for its performance abilities and distinctive style to play an active role in international cultural exchanges through theatre performance tours. The Company stresses the integration of the various attributes of modern Chinese and Western theatre and hopes to encourage creative energy in the theatre field in Taiwan and promote the appreciation ability of the public.

The 20th Taishin Arts Award - Performing Arts Award | Prince Hamlet|Body Phase Studio & Mr. Wing Theatre Company

The 20th Taishin Arts Award - Annual Grand Prize | Journey towards Sentiment (kanshooryokoo)—My Endless Melancholy Becomes Siberia 

Comprised of Oblivion After You Left for the Southern Villages|Mr. Wing Theatre Company


Most of Yang Qi-Yin’s theatre works were collaborations with Li Huan-Hsiung, Wang Mo-Lin, Hsu Yen Ling, and Huang Ding Yun. Starting in 2013, Yang started participating in interdisciplinary collaborations with contemporary artists such as Wang Jun-Jieh, Kuo Yu-Ping, Au Sow Yee, and Chou Man-Nung, as well as with Century Contemporary Dance Company, Lais Creative Dance Theater, Chou Shu-Yi, and Su Pin-Wen, inspiring imaginations toward performance methods and forms through his works. Yang participated in director Wang Mo-Lin’s Shakespeare monodrama series Prince Hamlet as the writer and performer. The work was awarded the Performing Arts Award at the 20th Taishin Arts Award.

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