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02|“Happy Birthday”—Baby Girl, Taipei Has...

HUANG Ming-Cheng (Mr. Candle)

New demo film compiled from clips shot in Taipei City from August 15, 2022 to January 10, 2023

Acrobatics, documentary film, 4K HDR

The short film – “Happy Birthday,” is a new demo film compiled from clips shot in Taipei City from August 15, 2022 to January 10, 2023. The demo film stems from Taiwan Upside Down (TBD), a twenty-year filmmaking project launched in 2009, which aims to produce a 100-minute documentary film to introduce the filmmaker’s hometown to the world.

1. The 20th anniversary of the Taishin Arts Award

2. The birth of my daughter

3. To motivate the audience to see the world

4. To offer good news during the pandemic

5. Acrobatics (stunt, folk performance, magic, circus) is an art form, like theater and dance, which requires resource and funding—above are reasons for the demo film title.

6. To understand “What is Taipei City like?” by documenting Taipei

7. Intermittent content updates until the end of the exhibition

8. To seek funding by showing new contents

9. Tell Mr. Candle the views of Taipei or Taiwan that you wish to be documented at 0952808012

10. What role does Mr. Candle play in bringing together acrobatics and documentary filmmaking—an alien, a scale, a performance artist, an acrobatic performer? Where else can he do a handstand? Let your imagination run wild! Using handstand as an instrument to indexically record the stories of Taiwan, the project was launched in 2009 and is still on-going.

12.10 Sat. 16:00 Artist in Conversation: 33% of Mr. Candle's Taiwan

HUANG Ming-Cheng (Mr. Candle)

Executive producer: Jeane Huang

Producer, director, photography, acrobatics, field research, storyboard: Huang Ming-Cheng (Mr. Candle)

Producer: Kate Hsu

Editing advisor: Chen Po-Wen

Sound advisor: Tu Du-Chih

Photography advisor: Lin Bo-Liang

Legal advisor: Bradley C.H. Chen

File management: Taipei Postproduction

Accountant: Hsueh Chih-Chiang

Spiritual support: Lin Ke-Xiao, Chi Po-Lin

Sponsors: Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, Peng Hsueh-Fen, Cao Vien Pure Bird’s Nest, Simply Red Spa


For more information, see the Facebook fan page: 倒立先生 Mr.Candle

The 9th Taishin Arts Award – Jury’s Special Award|Transparent Kingdom

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