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JAO Chia-En

Indonesian desserts, coat of arms, unused chairs, maps of the 17th and 18th centuries, Indonesian language classes,

15:30–17:30 on Wednesdays (Except 12/14), video, actors, care recipients, questionnaires

Aisenodni is structured on the foundation of the Indonesian language lesson between 3:30 and 5:30 every Wednesday afternoon and integrates methods of stage photography. By constructing a layered audience structure, the eight-week language course becomes an embodiment of exploring “how to Indonesianize.” The work not only is an extension of the 2011 work REM Sleep, which explores the

New Southbound Policy and critiques individual differentiation under the structure of Neoliberalism Economics, but the work is also viewed as a machine that generates different viewer communities. Aisenodni contemplates cultural stereotypes and expectations amid the exhibition structure, while allowing voluntary or involuntary participating groups to encounter each other in a language lesson labeled as theatre and its remnants.

Every Wednesdays at 15:30 - 17:30 (Except 12/14)

JAO Chia-En

Jao’s works are presented through multivariate mediums that span painting, performance, site-specific art, multi-channel

video, and so on. The works, on the one hand, embody the artist’s past international experiences and attempt to approach the political, social, and economic issues of Taiwan through a more comprehensive perspective, and on the other, are rooted in locality and centered around the subject matters of identity, marginality, aesthetics, and the political system. Therefore, heterogeneous elements or contextual breakage are often seen in Jao’s works as a response and critique toward the values and acknowledgment formed by history, society, the public, and individuals amid rigid systems and social symbols. The artist’s more recent works investigate colonial history and intercultural issues in the Asia-Pacific region, constructing different interpretations of history in the process of establishing a sense of problem awareness and raising questions on the narratives built by nations and the media.

The 10th Taishin Arts Award - Visual Arts Award|REM Sleep

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