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08|Origami (no.11 & 12)

CHOU Yu-Cheng


Acrylic on paper, and paper embedded in linen fabric

200 x 200 cm

Origami refers to folding paper into three-dimensional forms to create decorations or the techniques of producing lightweight structures, both of which demonstrate the interweaving of material and technique. The hand-coloring technique applied in the work is inspired by the color gradients produced by the material being washed by water, for instance, the natural order of rocks on riverbeds created by flowing water, or the gradual color changes of residuals from industrial wastewater. The color rendering is the result of material arranged on paper through time, flow, and sedimentation. Using the technique of paper embedment, the dense, immaculate paper eventually reveals the material characteristics of paint and the sensibility conveyed by plastic forms.

CHOU Yu-Cheng

Working across a wide range of mediums from installation, publication, performance to painting, the artist investigates

the interrelationship between society and aesthetics through a minimalist yet thoughtfully choreographed skill set of knowledge and aesthetics that allows him to reveal the peculiarities of art, object, and space. Chou has exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at Kate MacGarry, London; TKG+, Taipei; Edouard Malingue Gallery, Shanghai and Hong Kong; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; as well as group exhibitions at the Lyon Biennial; Performa Biennial, New York; Liverpool Biennial; New Museum, New York; Queens Museum and Taipei Biennial.

The 9th Taishin Arts Award - Visual Arts Award|TOA Lighting

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