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13|Masses ∙ Singular

Masses Creation Team


Sound, Installation, Performance

The rambunctious masses, the alienated individuals.


Masses, which has been awarded the Performing Arts Award in the 18th Taishin Arts Award, brings together dance, sound and light effects, and the mise-en-scène on stage to penetratingly look into powerlessness and contradictions of individuals within enraged masses, attempting to recreate the “psychic locale” of social movements. Masses·Singular employs various elements used in Masses, and transforms a stage work into an exhibition work. Through sounds, transparent quarantine installations, and random performance of postures, all of which constitute an intervention into the exhibition site, director Wang Shi-Wei, choreographer Tien Hsiao-Tzu, sound artist Li Tzi-Mei, and lighting artist Helmi Fita join forces again, and invite the audience to perceive the imminent commotions afar and explore individual loneliness and confusion in masses. To find out more about the creative journey of producing Masses, please see the link below:

Performances to take place in January 2023 at random, with no fixed times.

WANG Shih-Wei (Director)

Wang Shih-Wei lives and works in both Taiwan and France. Through interdisciplinary pracitce, he responds to situations in

contemporary times, and expands audience’s perception.

The 18th Taishin Arts Award – Performing Arts Award|Masses—2019 New Points on Stage @ Lab——WANG Shih-Wei

TIEN Hsiao-Tzu (Choreography, performance)

Tien Hsiao-Tzu grew up in Tainan. Through performance, she explores the sensibility shaped by the times, history, and cultural environment to accumulate and develop different movements of the body.

LI Tzi-Mei (Sound)

Li Tzi-Mei grew up in Keelung. Her practice engages in sound design, music production, and promotion of electronic music. She likes nature, peace, new and old equipment, mysterious things, and beverages.

Helmi Fita (Lighting)

Born in Singapore, Helmi Fita is an experienced theater professional, whose work has evolved from giving vivid performances on stage to designing the atmosphere of scenes off stage.

Blackrice Creative Studio (Technical Assistance)

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