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21|Conversation with Earth and Heaven



60 mins | Performance

This performance is dedicated to the exhibition, in aware movements through U-Theatre’s core training of “slow walk” and “sacred rhythm” to aggregate inner reasoning, movement, and sentiments. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Each step is a progression toward simplicity and tranquility of the mind, forming a unique dialogue with the exhibition space. Finally, the work “Flowing Water” from U-Theatre’s repertoire Sound of the Ocean is performed. The flowing water signify the inner strength that arises after reaching the state of Zen. The sounds of the drums portray the pooling of waterdrops, streaming in spaces with a soft center, featuring an immersive setting that manifests the strength with stillness within movement and movement within stillness.

01.15 Sun. 15:00-16:00


The “U” in its English name is a phonetic borrowing of the first character in its original Chinese name, which when combined with the second character means “performers." The third character describes a state of tranquility and non-self under the deepest concentration. All four characters together, U-Theatre means “beating drums in a peaceful state of one’s own.”


Integrating the “TAO” with “ARTS” as the core philosophy, U-Theatre’s rigorous aesthetics depends on disciplined training in various forms—meditation, drumming, martial arts, Tai-Chi, dance, acting— drawn from both the East and the West, ancient and modern cultures. Through these elements of arts, U-Theatre has presented unique works that are saturated with the traits of Taiwan and contemporary perspective.

The 1st Taishin Arts Award – Performing Arts Award|Meeting with Vajrasattva

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