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22|(Disintegration Sketch) Dimensions Variable

LEE Ming-Chen


Through on-site and site-specific performances or installations, this work calls to audiences to awaken their awareness and understanding of the here and now. It also attempts to explore how perception and cognition are shaped through the composition and selection of space, renewing/exposing/narrating potential dimensions that are not yet activated.

Performances to take place at random, with no fixed times.

LEE Ming-Chen

Lee adopts theatre arts as the medium and approach to his practice. His works center around the cognitive texts and magical display/narrative of the site of experience, human being’s position and relationship, and interactions between viewing and performing. Lee also actively experiments with the creative methods of collective impromtu, finding inspiration from everyday scenarios and moments, with a special focus on the polysemy and its synesthesia of incidents and objects. Lee’s recent efforts lie in presenting the vocabulary and contemporary skills/crafts, as well as the identity and integration of cultures/realities in contemporary Taiwan through performing arts.

The 12th Taishin Arts Award – Shortlist Award|Dear All—2013 Young Stars New Vision-Theater II

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