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25|Future Memories: Talking Drums Radio and Sound Meridians

TheCube Project Space


Document, sound, installation

Dimensions Variable

After the exhibition, ALTERing NATIVism: Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan of 2014 and the website “Soundtraces. tw” of 2015, TheCube Project Space re-considered how to respond to contemporary life and historical experience through “sounds,” and has subsequently developed two experimental projects, titled Talking Drums Radio and Sound Meridians. Talking Drums is an online streaming/ podcast radio, which features more than seventy artists, poets, musicians, scholars, net activists from the pancultural field, who are invited to utilize “radio” as a creative medium, form and method to participate in sound creations. Sound Meridians, on the other hand, is an international exhibition project, which invites curators from different regions to use the sound culture of their regions as the medium and material for a topology of history, through which the unique history of a place can be reflected and revealed. Both projects are still on-going. In this exhibition, they are shown as various installations for listening, browsing, and reading to tease out the projects carried out by TheCube Project Space in the past.

TheCube Project Space

TheCube Project Space was founded in April 2010. An art space as well as a professional curatorial team, TheCube Project Space’s mission is to promote contemporary art, in-depth humanistic thinking, connections between international and local networks. In addition to providing Taiwanese arts and cultural audiences with a multifunctional art space engaging in exhibitions, talks, exchange, and database, it also endeavors in curating high-quality exhibitions and performances.

The 13th Taishin Arts Award – Annual Grand Prize|Altering Nativism: Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan

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