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27|Paradise, who?

YEH Ming-Hwa


15 mins | Performance

This work was inspired by a line in Wang Jun-Jieh’s David’s Paradise: “Paradise is where people go after death. Nobody knows what it’s like.” The artist expresses emotions through images in contemporary art, making technology serve the needs of art concepts, striking close to the psychological states of the audience. For Yeh Ming- Hwa, this is a process from cold to hot. As a recipient of such emotions, Yeh transforms her body into a container and medium and attempts to make her physical body transparent so as to enter “paradise” in the present world. In the work, Yeh’s right hand becomes a showerhead machine hand; a bunch of roses take the place of the head, turning and splitting, walking in a setting that seems familiar but ignites a sense of doubt. In the past, it was through the screen; now, it is presented on-site, from hot to cold. The melancholy and the existence and disappearance of life are manifested through methods that transcend different mediums, allowing the mind to wander.

11.27 Sun. 15:30
01.01 Sun.
with post-show discussion by Su Hui-Yu and Yeh Ming-Hwa

YEH Ming-Hwa

An independent choreographer and dancer born in 1983 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Ming-Hwa maps the dimensions of time and space through her body and senses. She received her BFA in Dance from Taipei National University of Arts in 2006. Her previous projects include: The Serene Gallery Performance X Exhibition at the MoNTUE (2017); Choreographer Yeh Ming-Hwa: In Response to Sam Jinks through Human Body at Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art, Taiwan (2018), the SHE series (2020-2022). Her 2020 project The House Behind the Wall commissioned by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum won the Grand Prize of the 19th Taishin Arts Award (2021).

The 19th Taishin Arts Award – Annual Grand Prize|The House Behind the Wall–Wang Da Hong House Theatre X MingHwa Yeh

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